The LITPRAX course is one of the results of the eponymous project. The emphasis placed on the practice of literature refers to the concrete aspects of working in the field of literature, and students will be able to familiarise themselves through this course with the professions related to the production of books (author, translator, editor, proofreader), their circulation (typographer, distribution manager, bookseller, librarian) and reception (reviewer, literature teacher, literary critic), but above all to become a better and more informed reader.

Thus, the course deals with two major themes, which are studied synergistically, the subject of study being, in this case, literature in the Spanish language:

  1. New directions in 21st century literature in Spain and Latin America:
  2. The system of cultural mediators, at the three levels mentioned: production, dissemination, reception. Main practical aspects considered: translation, editing, critical reading.

The course offers an extensive and up-to-date bibliography, focusing on the research methods surrounding the concept of World Literature. During the seminars, a wide range of exercises will be carried out, from translation to critical essay proposals or reviews, debates will be organised with professionals, translators, editors and writers, as well as analysing, completing and updating the LITPRAX database, which contains the translations made from Spanish into Romanian, Slovenian and Serbian in the 21st century and their reception through articles published in the press and on the Internet.


Curriculum for the course at the Faculty of Arts (FF), University of Ljubljana.

The syllabus for the course at the Faculty of Literature, History and Theology (FLIT) at the Western University of Themisvara.

Curriculum for the course at the Faculty of Arts (FF), University of Novi Sad.